AESTIVUS: Summer Group Show

Jan Harrison's installation extended through August 15, 2019

236 Main Street
Saugerties, NY

Gallery Hours: Sat-Sun 12-5pm
or by appointment: 845-399-9751 
24/7 on ARTSY 

Saugerties, NY celebrates summer with AESTIVUS: Summer Group Show featuring sculptors, painters and installation artists who live, work and are inspired by New York City, Hudson Valley and Catskills regions. This exhibition is curated and presented by Cross Contemporary Art and 11 Jane Street. Gallery Hours: Sat. and Sun 12-5pm or by appointment: 845-399-9751

The artists of AESTIVUS are:
Richard Edelman, Jan Harrison, Jennifer Hicks, Heather Hutchison, Alex Kveton, Ian Laughlin, Adam Miller, Lowell Miller, Debra Priestly, Suzanne Rees, Christy Rupp, Christine Schiavo, Christopher Skura/Julie Knight, Kurt Steger, Frances Vye Wilson, Joseph Zito.


ISDay International Sculpture Exhibition - Saugerties, NY 2019

ISday SAUGERTIES, NY Exhibition
Opening Reception: Sat. Mar. 30, 2019, 5-8pm
236 Main Street
Saugerties, NY
exhibition March 31- May 18, 2019
EXTENDED thru May 18, 2019

Gallery Hours: Sat-Sun 12-5pm
or by appointment: 845-399-9751 
24/7 on ARTSY 
(Saugerties, NY) Saugerties, New York celebrates International Sculpture Day with a month-long sculpture exhibition by artists who live or work in Saugerties and environs. Throughout the month of April, Saugerties joins hundreds of artists, organizations and institutions in over 20 countries in celebrating Sculpture in all of its manifestations. This 3rd annual celebration will showcase sculpture in all media- from installation art to ceramics to metalwork and woodwork. International Sculpture Day (ISDay) is a world-wide event celebrated on the last Saturday in April to further the goals of the International Sculpture Center to "advance the creation and understanding of sculpture and its vital, unique contribution to society".  This exhibition is curated by Cross Contemporary Art and 11 Jane Street.

For more information about International Sculpture Day in general, visit;

The sculptors participating in this year's ISDAY Saugerties exhibition are:
Colin Chase, Stuart Farmery, Robin Glassman, Jan Harrison, Heather Hutchison, Alex Kveton, Ian Laughlin, Iain Machell, Lowell Miller, Debra Priestly, David Provan, Christy Rupp, Judy Sigunick, Christopher Skura, Nadine Slowik, Kurt Steger, Joseph Zito.



July 14 - August 19, 2018

Matteawan Gallery
436 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508 845 440 7901

Jan Harrison, Coda (from the series Animals in the Anthropocene), 2017, pastel, ink, colorpencil, charcoal, and oilstick on rag paper, 18 1⁄2 x 25 3⁄4 in. 

First exhibition: WHAT'S NEXT? followed by: "COMPOSED TO DECOMPOSE"

WHAT’S NEXT? (first exhibition)
Curated by members of the SUNY New Paltz Sculpture Department led by visiting lecturer, Michael Asbill Inspired by Linda Weintraub’s book “What’s Next? Eco Materialism & Contemporary Art”.... The exhibition will be up for a year.
68 Mountain Rest Rd. New Paltz, NY 12561
(845) 255-1559 • •


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Image above: "Halcyon," Jan Harrison & Alan Baer, (Birdlike porcelain sculptures in free-floating nest in trees....photographed from below looking up.)

COMPOSED TO DECOMPOSE (second exhibition)
July 21, 2019 - July 21, 2020
Co-curators Michael Asbill and Linda Weintraub explain, “Forty-five artists have composed installations that are intentionally designed to decompose over the course of an entire year. They demonstrate that it is through decomposition that fertility is replenished, ecosystems are revitalized, and life is renewed.”  This significant frontier of contemporary culture is identified as “Eco-Materialism”. The concept is explored in a new book by Linda Weintraub entitled What’s Next: Eco-Materialism and Contemporary Art.

Allyson Levy, Amanda Heidel, Amy Benedict, Arielle Ponder, Claudia McNulty, Eliza Evans, Jessica Poser, Jeffrey Benjamin, Joel Olzak, Kathleen Anderson, Laurie Sheridan, Maria Lupo, Michael Asbill, Patricia Tinajero, Mary Anne Davis, Kate Farrington, Mimi Graminski, Sam Horowitz, Anne-Katrin Spiess, Susan Togut, Tasha Depp & Joann Alvis, Ilse Schreiber-Noll, Stuart Bigley, Harold McBride, Stephen Spencer , Maxine Leu, Zachary Skinner, Hudson Valley Bee Habitat, Christina Nalty, Nadine May Lewis, Jan Harrison & Alan Baer, Beth Haber, Daniel Totten, Bill Rybak, Jebah Baum, Michael McDonough.

Jan Harrison & Alan Baer
"Halcyon Two"
Included in the exhibition, Composed to Decompose, at Unison, New Paltz, NY
"Halcyon Two" involves a mythical nest-world for endangered birds and bird-like creatures. It is made of tree limbs and branches found at Unison, and attached with steel mesh and cables. It is a refuge and a place of rebirth in the global world of the sixth extinction, the Anthropocene. The birds appear to be speaking or communicating. The first "Halcyon" was exhibited in "What's Next?" the experimental eco-materialism outdoor exhibition at Unison. For the exhibition, "Composed to Decompose" we will add living vines which will eventually overtake the cables and supplant them. It will take time for the vines to grow, and for the cables to decompose, as nature returns to its inherent natural state.  
At the beginning of the exhibition, Jan Harrison will speak and sing in "Animal Tongues" with her porcelain bird-like creatures, and with Alan Baer, will discuss how "Halcyon Two" relates to Composed to Decompose.

ISDAY International Sculpture Day 2018

ISDAY International Sculpture Day 2018
Saugerties, NY

April 7 - May 6, 2018

Cross Contemporary Art
99 Partition Street
Saugerties, NY
Director: Jen Dragon

Click on link for artists' names and additional information.

Life or Death, by Brainard Carey

Feature article by Brainard Carey for Praxis Center for Aesthetics, Yale. The article is about extinction known as the Holocene extinction, and Jan Harrison's Series of pastel and ink paintings, Animals in the Anthropocene.

"The current political climate in the United States, in particular, does more than turn a blind eye to those who value capital over measures ensuring the welfare and survival of the planet that sustains all forms of life as we know it. "

Interview with Jan Harrison by Brainard Carey

Interview by Brainard Carey for the Museum of Non-Visible Art, Yale Interviews, Praxis Interview Magazine....The recording of the interview can be heard on this link, which includes a discussion of Jan Harrison's visual art as well as speaking and singing in Animal Tongues.

Jan Harrison is an American painter and sculptor whose work, which primarily features animal imagery, centers on the animal nature as it relates to human existence and the collective psyche. Since 1979 her art has been connected with the philosophy of deep ecology. She speaks and sings in Animal Tongues, which she performs in conjunction with her visual art.

HYGGE - Cross Contemporary Art

HYGGE: Small Works Holiday Show
Opening Reception Sat. Dec 2, 2017, 5-8 pm
Cross Contemporary Art
99 Partition St. Saugerties, New York 12477
on view thru Jan. 16, 2018
GALLERY HOURS: Thurs- Mon 12-5pm

"HYGGE" is a Danish term that is not found in English. HYGGE (pron. HOO-geh) describes a quality of conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. As an untranslatable word, HYGGE is demonstrated by over 100 drawings, sculpture and paintings by the 50+ artists who have exhibited at Cross Contemporary Art. HYGGE is curated by Jen Dragon.

WHITE OUT - Cross Contemporary Art

Winter Group Show
Opening Reception Fri. Jan 27th
Cross Contemporary Art
99 Partition St. Saugerties, New York 12477
on view thru Feb.26, 2017  
GALLERY HOURS: Thurs- Mon 12-5pm
Curated by Jen Dragon and Alan Goolman.
Cross Contemporary Art is a gallery dedicated to showing mid-career and established artists who have a connection to New York City, Hudson Valley and Catskills region. Open Thurs through Mon 12-6, Tues and Wed by appointment or chance. Phone Gallery Director Jen Dragon 845.399.9751 for more information

The Animal Nature and the Psyche - The Art of Jan Harrison

As part of our blog series dedicated to lost and endangered species in the lead-up to Remembrance Day for Lost Species, ONCA delves into the otherworldy work of New York-based artist Jan Harrison. The words are Jan’s own as she describes the work. Dive in, and drift a while through the more-than-human psyche…

ONCA’s mission is to cultivate environmental and social wellbeing through the arts. We aim in all our activity to inspire creativity and positive action in the face of environmental change, and to help galvanise the creation of a critical mass of work that responds to and explores these changes.

14 St George’s Place

01273 607101


Solo Exhibition : VISCERAL VOICES : Jan Harrison

The Word & Image Gallery
Bright Hill Press & Literary Center
94 Church Street
Treadwell, NY 13846

On view: August 2-28, 2015
Opening Reception and Artist Talk:
Sunday, August 2, 3-5 pm
There will be a brief Animal Tongues Performance during the opening reception.

JAN HARRISON is an American painter and sculptor whose work centers on the animal nature, soul, and spirit as it relates to the human psyche. Her art is connected with the philosophy of deep ecology. In addition to visual
art, she performs in Animal Tongues.

Image: "Panthea," Jan Harrison, © 2014, pastel, ink, charcoal and colorpencil on rag paper, 22.25 x 30.5 inches.

FAMILIARS : Jan Harrison

Solo Exhibition: FAMILIARS : Jan Harrison

Piermont Straus
10 Roundhouse Road
Piermont, NY 10968

Opening reception and artist talk:
Saturday, April 12: 4pm - 7pm
On view April 12 - June 13, 2014

JAN HARRISON explores the interaction between the animal nature, both 'wild' and 'tame,' and the human psyche. These mysterious and intimate characters act within an inner landscape, similar to dreams. In Harrison's work, there is a purity and a sacred/profane spirit in the animal nature - an innate elixir to our increasingly industrialized society.

Image: "Eye Seeds," Jan Harrison, ©2013, pastel and ink on rag paper, 34.25 x 44 inches.


Sara Lynn Henry, Curator
*Williamsburg Art and Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY,

September 21 through October 20, 2013.
Artists in the exhibition: Terri Amig, George Boorujy, Catherine Chalmers, Stella Chasteen, Sue Coe, Lee Deigaard, Mary Frank, Jan Harrison, Gillian Jagger, Nina Katchadourian, Isabella Kirkland, David Marell, Christy Rupp, Alan Siegel, Janice Tieken, Eva van Rijn, Jess Wallace. 
Catalogue, illustrated.  Cover image: Jan Harrison's painting, "Big Cat - Mountain Lion With Foliage Fur." 

Previously exhibited at Byrdcliffe Kleinert/James Center for the Arts, Woodstock, NY, February 22 through March 24, 2013.

Anima/Animus; the strange and beautiful world of Jan Harrison

Roll Magazine Article: Anima/Animus; the strange and beautiful world of Jan Harrison.

by Donatella de Rosa

Dear Mother Nature

DEAR MOTHER NATURE: Hudson Valley Artists 2012

Curated by Linda Weintraub
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art
State University of New York at New Paltz
New Paltz, NY June 23 - November 4, 2012
Alice and Horace Chandler and North Galleries
"Big Cat - Mountain Lion with Foliage Fur"
©2011, Jan Harrison
pastel, charcoal and ink on rag paper
45 x 34.25 inches.
(Seven inch border of rag paper around image.)
Private Collection

Jan Harrison performed in Animal Tongues with animal sculpture heads, in front of her large pastel painting, "Big Cat - Mountain Lion with Foliage Fur," at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, on September 15, 2012.

Other Than Human

OTHER THAN HUMAN, Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art, KMOCA, 103 Abeel Street, Kingston, NY 12401.

Three-person exhibition: Jan Harrison, Chris Harvey, Susan Siegel. June 2 - 30, 2012.

Exhibition of Jan Harrison's "Big Cat," "Corridor Series Primates," and "Tiny Cat" pastel paintings.....Jan will perform in "Animal Tongues" on opening night, June 2, 2012, 5 - 7 pm, performance at approximately 7 pm.

"In June KMOCA presents three artists with fascinations for creatures other than humans. Each artist in their own way explores how by blurring the dividing line with the "other than human," we might become something other than human ourselves." (excerpt: Press Release)


DIVINANIMALITY: Creaturely Theology

Jan Harrison's pastel paintings from The Corridor Series exhibited at Drew University in conjunction with the conference, DIVINANIMALITY, 2011, Craig Chapel. Drew University, Madison, NJ.

"[T]he ahuman…divinanimality…the excluded, foreclosed, disavowed, tamed, and sacrificed foundation of…the human order, law and justice."
—Jacques Derrida, The Animal That Therefore I Am
Jan Harrison's painting "Blue Cat #3" will be on the cover of the book, DIVINANIMALITY, Fordham Press, to be published in the fall, 2014.

PEACEABLE KINGDOM - View Installation Views of Group Exhibition and Opening Reception.

PEACEABLE KINGDOM – curated by The Outsider’s Studio Collective. Andrea Brown-Elizabeth Ennis-Jan Harrison-Joanna Hartell-Margaret Hillary Moore-Michael Staats-Patricia Sprott-Susan Moody Ward-Joni Wehrli, at DVAA, Alliance Gallery, 37 Main Street, 2nd floor, Narrowsburg, NY, July 1–23, 2011.

PAJ: A JOURNAL OF PERFORMANCE AND ART - Article and Podcast Interview with Linda Weintraub.

Artist Jan Harrison speaks with writer and curator Linda Weintraub

Jan Harrison's work explores the connections between human and animal psyches and takes the form of painting, pastel, sculpture, and performance. Jan's essay in the January 2011 issue of PAJ: A JOURNAL OF PERFORMANCE AND ART , called "Singing in Animal Tongues: An Inner Journey", describes the origins and scope of Jan's work, including her ability to speak and sing in "Animal Tongues." In this podcast, Jan and Linda discuss Jan's art and the animal beings who help create it. 
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